“I had stopped playing golf with my son and grandson because of pain in my wrist. After using Angel’s Touch I’m now enjoying the game I love with the people I love. My golf game is not any better, however I’m still in the game. Thanks for introducing me to Angel’s touch.”

– Martin H., (Chronic wrist pain sufferer)

“I have to take a few moments to tell you about this new product called Angel’s Touch. I am 64 years old and I have chronic lower back pain and sometimes I have pain in both my knees. I have tried all the heated products on the market for muscle pain and then I tried all the products containing EMU oil. Nothing has been like Angel’s Touch and it lasts about 5 hours for me. If you will just try this once you will believe me because it truly DOES work.”

– Vickie Z., (Chronic back pain sufferer)

“When I was in high school and college I played all sports, which I am sure caused much wear and tear on my ‘bones.’ The most painful I now feel since I am now 96 years old is Arthritis and wear and tear in my left ankle and my shoulders. A friend suggested I use Angel’s Touch, which I started and much to my surprise, the more I used it, the more relief of pain I received. Thanks for discovering Angel’s Touch.”

– Lewis B., (96 year old with arthritis of the
ankle and shoulder)

“Angel’s Touch has worked wonders on my right leg muscle and nerve pain caused from surgical damage. The RX prescribed for my condition did not work half as well or near as fast. I feel blessed to have this product.”

– Deb W., age 59 (Muscle and nerve pain caused from surgical damage)

“Sally and I use Angel’s Touch on our knees and shoulders. This medication is safe, effective and the ease of application and rapid results make it a “go to first” anti-inflammatory treatment. I do recommend someone try it first before proceeding to oral medications. I endorse Angel’s Touch for use in arthritic joints and myalgias of the muscle as an augment to medication by mouth.”

– Dr. Ernest A. Eggers, (Orthapedist and general ache and pain sufferer)

More kind words about Angel's Touch Cream

Lower back pain that radiates down right side of the leg
Todd G., age 60

“My name is Todd Grossman. I am a 60 year old man suffering from extreme lowers back pain and sharp pain down the right side of my leg. This is the result of a disk touching a nerve in my lower back. My girlfriend uses a small dose of Angel’s Touch on my lower back and right thigh before I go to sleep every night. I have no more pain at night! In the morning the Angel’s Touch continues working for many hours. I recommend it totally.”

Busy professional with basic pains and aches
Yuki N., age 51

“I originally applied just a small amount. 1 or 2 pumps and rubbed it into my skin. This stuff works quick. Surprisingly fast! I have used so many pain relief gels, creams, patches and sprays in the past. Not only is this stuff effective but it does not leave a burning sensation, it’s not sticky, it does not smell and it does not change the color of my skin. So now I carry it in my purse and apply it any time of the day with any outfit I am wearing!”

Typist that experiences pain while working
Diane R.

“My hands were hurting real bad and just as I was going to take more pills to relieve the pain my friend let me try her Angel’s Touch. A small portion on the back of my hand gave me relief. I Buy This!!!”

Wrist pain and general joint pain
David C., age 54

“I am a 54 year old man that suffers from joint pain and arthritis with just the average years of aches and pains. Angel’s Touch creme really works. My joint pain felt so good, I couldn’t believe it! I also had outer wrist pain for over 6 months. Angel’s Touch took away the stiffness & shooting pain. I can’t live without it. I give it a 10.”

Massage Therapist, Outdoor enthusiast
Anne S., age 46

As a massage therapist I use my hands all day long. By the end of the day, an aching sensation moves down my thumbs, deep into the joints. Now that I’ve discovered Angel’s Touch, and am routinely massaging into my own hands, the aching has subsided. Almost immediately upon application! Whether at work or out in the garden, Angel’s Touch will always be in my bag.

Triathelete with bicep subluxation,
a torn labrum & small rotator cuff tear
Larry M., age 52

“As a triathelete in my 50’s I have learned to live with aches and pains.
In 2011 I swam until I could not move my right arm at all. I was forced to go to an Orthopedist. After the MRI, I was told I had a bicep subluxation, a torn labrum and a small rotator cuff tear in my right shoulder. Choosing to try physical therapy versus surgery, I learned to cope with the limitations that my injury had caused. However, I was continually forced to deal with the nagging injury. This past year I couldn’t move my arm again without ice and heat therapy. again my swimming and bike riding was limited by my injury. Coincidentally, I ran into a friend that suggested I try a new product he was working on developing and bringing to the market. After applying the topical cream to my shoulder, I woke up the next morning virtually pain free! I specifically remember waking up shocked that I was not in pain and I was able to move my arm. At my follow up appointment with the Orthopedist I mentioned my remarkable improvement and using the Angel’s Touch Creme. The doctor proceeded to inform me that he was aware of this new product and encouraged me to keep using it and postpone surgery unless absolutely required. As a weekend warrior I continually deal with aches and pains, I can honestly endorse Angel’s Touch Creme. I highly recommend all to try this creme for pain relief, swelling and muscle soreness.”

Arthritis of the hands
Bruce M., age 52

“I am writing to thank you. The sample of Angel’s Touch is truly a blessing. I have severe arthritic pain in my hand when I wake in the morning. With a few dabs of your creme rubbed into my joints on my hand the arthritic pain is gone all day and with spontaneous relief. It’s truly a miracle creme. I, for one, am truly appreciative for receiving your sample. I can’t wait until it hits the shelves because you are going to help a lot of people like myself who suffer from arthritic pain. I’m grateful that I got to meet you.”

Arthritis, bone on bone
Susan G., age 62

“Just a note to thank you for the relief I received from using your product Angel’s Touch. I am 62 years old, active female with bone on bone arthritis in both thumbs. I’ve tried numerous gel’s, ointments and cremes without success. In addition two surgeons have said the only solution is surgery! I have autoimmune Crohn’s disease and Autoimmune pancreatitis, thus, I choose not to have surgery, on my hands. Angel’s Touch is the only topical that allows me any type of relief from my pain. Thank you for your product. It enables me to live a pain free active lifestyle and it gives me much better use of my hands.