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Where does the oil come from?

Emu oil is derived from the fat of the emu bird. Emu is a very healthy, red and low-fat meat endorsed by the American Heart Association. The hides are transformed into clothing and the fat is refined into oil.

Why does emu oil work so well?

The fatty acid profile in emu fat is nearly identical to our skin cell’s profile. The fatty acids in emu oil (Omega 3 and Omega 6) increase the production of eicosanoids in our bodies. Eicosanoids play a primary roll in helping to heal skin and reduce inflammation. What makes Emu oil really unique is that the oil can penetrate thru 7 layers of skin. Emu oil actually reaches deeply into the joints and muscles thus relieving pain associated with inflammation. Additionally, Emu oil is widely used in high-end lotions and cosmetics for its ability to help heal adverse skin conditions. Emu oil out performs aloe vera or lavender oil when applied to burns.

What makes emu oil different from other oils?

We know about the anti-inflammatory effects but did you know Emu oil also contains sapogens and terpenes. Sapogens work as a skin softener and Terpenes work as an antiseptic in Emu oil. Even though Emu oil is an oil, it does not clog pores. The oil is absorbed into the skin. Coupled with the anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties it becomes an all natural non-greasy way to heal your pain.

What is Emu?

Emus are birds indigenous to Australia. Since their commercialization in the late 1970’s, they are now raised all over the world. Emus are raised as livestock primarily for their meat. India and China are developing emu as a major food source because they are considered the perfect environmentally friendly livestock. They do not tolerate inhumane conditions and they are known to improve the land on which they are raised.

How is Emu Oil absorbed in the skin?

Emu oil contains no phosphorus molecules. Our skin will not let anything containing a phosphorus molecule penetrate it. Emu oil is a non-polar monounsaturated fatty acid which naturally moves through cells more easily. To be used for external use only.

Are there any other animals that have this type of fat?

Sharks, Rhea’s, Sperm Whales, certain turtle species, Philippine water pythons, and some lizard species have a similar fatty acid composition to their fat. The use of Emu oil is special because utilizing the oil from the Emu completes the important task of ensure nothing goes to waste. Emus have long been raised as a food source. Discovering the oil solidified how much the Emu has to offer and the medical profession is grateful.

Can I be allergic to Emu oil?

Emu oil is hypo-allergenic. Allergic reactions are extremely rare. The fatty acid profile in the oil is so similar to our skins natural cell profile allergic reactions are extremely rare. As with any medical product please read and follow all directions and warnings shown on the label. If you have a reaction please seek medical attention immediately. Angel’s Touch stands behind the quality of our products. Should you have any problems please contact us.

What are Angel’s Touch directions for use and does it have any warnings?

The use is simple, Rub In…Feel Good Again! However, it is important to make an informed decision when choosing a product that is designed to take care of your health and improve your way of life. So many products claim they work but we stand behind our product with a 100% guarantee. For easy reference we have included all information on the label. As a consumer, if our FAQ page did not answer your questions satisfactorily please contact us. Thank you for choosing Angel’s Touch.