Rub in... Feel Good Again!™

What's in it?

Angel’s Touch formula contains Emu Oil, Glucosamine Sulfate and NON-GMO plant extracts. Emu Oil is hypo-allergenic. It’s fast-acting and deep-penetrating giving you instant pain relief while moisturizing your skin. Penetrates deep into your skin to relieve aching joints and muscles. With a superior formula consisting of anti-inflammatory properties.

Combined with Emu Oil, Glucosamine Sulfate and NON-GMO plant extracts delivers instant relief.


Arthritis, Back Aches, Joint Pain, Bruises/Sprains, Muscle Pain, and Sports Injuries.


Angel’s Touch reduces inflammation in the skin, deep tissues and joints.


Recommended by professional athletes, doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and those who have experienced pain for years.

How professionals are using Angel’s Touch for temporary pain relief

Chiropractic Care

Pediatric Care

PediPhysical Therapy

Massage Therapy

Rehabilitation Exercises

Sports Injury Therapy

Angel’s Touch has a unique airless pump dispenser that delivers a sanitary, odorless, non-greasy, fast-acting formula while moisturizing your skin.